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Do You Want To Keep Your Divorce Easy? Here’s How.

Although divorce is never easy, there are some ways that you can take back control and simplify it as much as possible.

Since 1977, the attorneys at Friedman Law Office have guided Texarkana clients through the divorce process. We can advise you on how to keep the process as painless as your circumstances allow.

Here, we have compiled just a few examples for you.

  • Consider your finances before filing

When you decide to file for divorce, be prepared with a list of all the assets and obligations you have. Many people don’t give a thought to their assets and debts before they walk in the door – they’re just mad at their spouse and want a divorce.

  • Keep your children out of it

If you have children with your spouse, don’t make them pick sides. New child custody arrangements are hard enough on children as it is. Shield them from the effects of the divorce as much as you can, and your life – and theirs – will remain much simpler.

  • Choose mediation instead of traditional divorce

Make divorce easier on your finances by considering mediation instead of litigation. In a traditional divorce, both sides go to trial, argue their cases and wait for a decision from a judge. But mediation gives you more control over the final arrangement, can help you stay on good terms with your ex and is usually less expensive.

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