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Facing the criminal justice system can feel overwhelming, especially because the law is so complex. You probably have many questions about your or your loved one’s criminal charges. At Friedman Law Office, our attorneys can answer these questions and address any concerns you may have.

On this page, we will run through some of the questions we frequently hear from our clients in the Texarkana region.

Q: I am innocent. Why shouldn’t I speak to the police?

Police officers are trained to get the answers they want out of interviewees. Even if you have not done anything wrong, it is easy to incriminate yourself – or to confess to a crime you have not committed. Always have a lawyer present before you talk to a police officer.

Q. Do I really need to hire a criminal defense attorney?

Many people try to handle their defense cases on their own, only to find themselves railroaded by the powerful, often unfair justice system. It is crucial to have a lawyer who can stand up for your rights.

Public defenders can certainly help you as well, but they are often overworked and would rather take a less-than-favorable plea deal instead of fighting for you in a trial. A private attorney like the ones at Friedman Law Office will devote their attention to your case exclusively.

Q. What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

Misdemeanor criminal charges are less serious than felony charges. Misdemeanors may include possession of a small amount of marijuana, petty theft or simple assault. Felonies, however, usually encompass violent crimes like battery or aggravated assault. A felony conviction can affect your civil liberties like the right to vote, while a misdemeanor conviction will not.

Q. What effects can my criminal record have on my life?

Your criminal record affects much more than you think. It can affect your:

  • Personal reputation
  • Housing options
  • Career options
  • Higher education options
  • Sports career, if you are a college or professional athlete
  • Child custody arrangement
  • Interpersonal relationships

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