Contract Interpretation

For individuals and businesses in Texarkana and the surrounding communities in Northeast Texas and Arkansas, engaging in a construction agreement is often sealed with a handshake. Unfortunately, someone's word or hand does not hold up in court if one party doesn't deliver. At Friedman Law Office, we help private individuals as well as businesses resolve disputes by interpreting and drafting legally binding construction contracts.

Professional Experience In Construction Law And Contract Interpretation

Whether you are building a home, an addition or plan to expand your business, there are plenty of factors to consider before breaking ground on a new project. While many people don't want the added expense of hiring an attorney to draft or review a contract, these same individuals end up paying more in the end when builders or contractors fail to meet their end of the bargain. Similarly, contractors should work with an attorney when drafting agreements to ensure they are protected should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

In some instances, a dispute is a simple misunderstanding. In others, builders or developers may abuse the trust of the consumer while attempting to cut costs. No matter your issue, attorney Michael Friedman can assess your case, offer practical advice and explain your options moving forward.

Just a few of the services we provide include:

  • Interpreting or examining contracts
  • Drafting contracts to ensure your interests are protected
  • Negotiating to settle contract disputes
  • File a lawsuit

Protect Yourself Before You Build — Contact An Experienced Lawyer

Although many people come to us after their construction agreement has fallen apart, we can help clients avoid making the same mistake twice by drafting or reviewing their contracts before signing on the dotted line.

Construction law is an incredibly technical field that requires in-depth understanding of the industry as well as the law. At Friedman Law Office, attorney Michael Friedman provides clients with comprehensive representation during litigation, negotiations or when structuring agreements.

Make The Call And Learn How We Can Help You

Whether you have already consented to a verbal agreement or are considering drafting a construction contract, contact Friedman Law Office to speak with attorney Michael Friedman. He will discuss your goals, help you draft a legal document and give you the tools you need to protect your interests.

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