Understanding drug charges related to prescription medications

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Drug Crimes

Prescription drugs play a vital role in modern healthcare. Unfortunately, drug charges related to prescription medications can happen for many reasons, often unintentionally.

These charges can seriously impact your life and future, making it important to understand the different ways they can occur.

Unauthorized possession

Perhaps the most common is possessing prescription drugs not prescribed to you. Whether you borrowed medication from a friend or family member or obtained it through other means, having prescription drugs without a valid prescription is illegal in Texas and Arkansas.

Forged or altered prescriptions

Once addicted to a prescription drug, it is easy to start making choices you normally would not make. This may lead to forging or altering prescriptions, such as creating fake prescriptions or modifying legitimate ones to obtain more medication than originally prescribed.

Prescription fraud

Prescription fraud involves using various deceptive practices to acquire prescription drugs. This could look like trying to convince your doctor to write prescriptions, visiting multiple doctors for extra pills or giving false information to pharmacies.

Illegal sale or distribution

Illegally selling or distributing prescription medications is another way individuals can face drug charges. This includes selling prescribed drugs to others or distributing them without a valid medical reason. Depending on the specific drug and amount, you could also face drug trafficking charges.

Considering that 26% of all arrests in America involve drugs, facing drug charges can happen to anyone. While facing these charges comes with stress and unknowns, the right legal defense may result in more favorable results.