When does a drug offense get charged as trafficking?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Drug Crimes

The law in Texas and Arkansas specifies many different types of drug crimes. Some drug crimes have more severe punishments associated with them.

Drug trafficking is one of the more severe types of drug infractions. You may think that only drug dealers get charged with trafficking. However, the prosecutor can charge anyone with trafficking who meets the statutory definitions.

Requirements for drug trafficking

Under Texas law, you can get charged for transporting or delivering any substances listed in the Texas Controlled Substances Act. This also includes the delivery of prescription medications without being a licensed prescriber.  The delivery charge can apply if you have a small amount, such as any amount of cocaine or seven grams of marijuana.

Arkansas outlaws drug trafficking based on similar listed controlled substances. The law in Arkansas requires that you have more significant quantities to merit a trafficking charge, such as 500 pounds of marijuana. Federal authorities may also charge anyone with a certain amount of drugs.

Punishment for trafficking

The punishment for delivery in Texas depends on the amount of the drug and starts at six months in jail with a $2,000 fine for a delivery charge involving marijuana. For other drugs, such as cocaine, the jail time ranges between two to ten years, with fines up to $10,000. In Arkansas, the penalties for trafficking range between ten and 40 years in jail.

If you get stopped by police with drugs in your possession, you should know that a prosecutor might charge you with delivery or trafficking.