Probate And Wills

Understanding The Probate And Wills Process

After the loss of a loved one, you may be engaged in the court-supervised process of transferring property known as "probate." The probate process is intended to ensure the deceased person's assets are properly distributed in accordance with his or her final wishes. In most cases, probating an estate includes collecting all probate property, paying debts, settling disputes and distributing property to heirs.

Whether you are the executor of the estate or have been appointed by the court as an administrator, the lawyers of the Friedman Law Office understand that the probate process can be daunting. No matter if you are dealing with a small estate or one that is complex, we can help you efficiently and effectively navigate the entire process.

There are numerous steps involved with probate law, a few matters our lawyers can assist with include:

  • Submitting the will with the court to determine whether it is valid or invalid
  • Representing your interests should the court rule that the existing will is invalid
  • Discovering property and other assets to be distributed
  • Assessing creditor claims and other repayment issues
  • Aggressively advocating on your behalf during a dispute between family members and other heirs

Protecting Your Estate With A Legal Will

Wills are one of the most common ways people make after-death arrangements for their estates. In many cases, a will can make the transference and distribution of property move smoothly and avoid many of the financial burdens that arise. Still, many people fail to draft a will or ensure that it is a valid, legal document.

It's never too early to start thinking about the future. At Friedman Law Office, we have helped numerous people draft wills that protect their interests, property and the future well-being of their loved ones. To learn how we can help you, contact attorneys Errol and Michael Friedman to take the first step to protecting your family.

Plan For The Future With A Will

Whether you wish to write a will, learn how we can help with the probate process or get answers to any family law questions you might have, contact Friedman Law Office in Texarkana, Texas, to schedule a free initial consultation by dialing 903-949-6364 or complete our contact form for a prompt response.

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