Insurance Claims

After an auto accident or other unexpected event, the best way to protect your rights and to ensure that your claim is handled properly is to consult with the experienced attorneys at Friedman Law Office in Texarkana, Texas.

At our firm, board-certified personal injury trial law specialist*, attorney Errol Friedman, has in-depth knowledge of the strategies that insurance companies use to minimize claim values. He uses this knowledge to protect our clients' interests and maximize the compensation they recover.

In nearly all cases, insurance companies hold a significant advantage over policyholders when it comes to the claims process. Insurance companies have the benefit of extensive resources, and they employ professionals who dedicate their careers to minimizing insurance payouts. Denial of claims is part of your insurer's business plan. Your insurer increases its profits by paying out as little as possible to claimants like you.

Understanding Insurance Bad Faith

Although individuals and families expect their insurance companies to provide coverage during difficult and unexpected situations, many policyholders are left frustrated and confused after their claims are denied. When the insurance company fails to deliver by denying a claim, or when the insurance adjuster offers a payout that is significantly less than what is needed, our trial-tested attorneys can help you hold the insurance company responsible through litigation.

A few signs of a potentially unfair claim:

  • An offer that is substantially less than the full and fair value of the claim
  • Failure to provide a reasonable explanation for the denial of a claim
  • Failure to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation
  • Refusal to offer fair compensation without a thorough investigation
  • Enforcement of a final release of a claim after only a partial payment has been made
  • Misrepresentation of facts or policy provisions

Filing An Appeal

There are plenty of reasons why insurance companies deny claims. While some are valid, in many cases they are simply putting profits ahead of their customers. At Friedman Law Office, we understand how to counter the methods insurance companies use to avoid paying claims. As your lawyers, we can provide you with guidance when submitting a claim appeal, strengthening your claim record and advocating on your behalf should a lawsuit be necessary.

If you are planning to file a claim against an insurance company, consult with an attorney beforehand to ensure your claim is handled properly the first time.

Contact Friedman Law Office When Filing Insurance Claims

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* Texas Board of Legal Specialization